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The Mount Laurel Police Department responded to 3,672 alarm activations in 2010. Of these, only 24 were actual emergencies requiring police response. Excessive false alarms drain police resources and hinder service to those truly in need.

Chapter 58 of the Township Code was updated by Council on December 19, 2011. Changes are summarized below:

Alarm systems are no longer registered annually with the Township.

False alarms shall be prevented through a program of training and periodic inspection and maintenance of the system.

No more than three false alarms in any one calendar year are allowed. False alarms exceeding this amount may result in a complaint being issued.
Complaints for excessive false alarms, in most cases, no longer require court appearance. The option of pleaing guilty and mailing payment to Municipal Court is available.
A guilty plea or conviction in Municipal Court will result in a fine of $50 for the first offense, $150 for the second offense and $250 for the third offense. Four or more offenses require court appearance and a fine up to $1000 upon conviction.


Ensure all alarm components are installed and functioning properly.
Ensure all family members or employees are properly trained in the operation of the alarm components.
Update your emergency contact information with your alarm monitoring service as changes occur.
In the event of multiple false alarms, arrange for an inspection and review of your system by your alarm company.

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