Crime Cams – A Community-Police Partnership

Video surveillance systems are a useful and inexpensive way to protect our homes and businesses from crime. Installing a video surveillance system enhances Community-Police partnerships which are instrumental in building trust while serving the Mount Laurel Community.

Residents and business owners who install a surveillance system may not be aware of just how helpful their system could be to solving crimes in their community. It is helpful for the police to investigate crimes using the vital information recorded on these systems.  

How You Can Help

In collaboration with residents and businesses, the Mount Laurel Police Department asks that surveillance systems be registered with the department to help solve crimes that may be committed in their area.

The requirements for a residential or business system are:

The program is entirely voluntary and consent to view video footage from your camera can be withdrawn at any time.

MOUNT LAUREL Police Department Response

Should a crime occur near a registered security system, a MLPD investigator may contact the owner of the registered system to review the footage recorded at the time of an incident.

The footage or live view/feed will NOT be used by the Mount Laurel Police Department without the registered security system owners expressed consent.

How to Register

To learn more or to register your security camera system, please fill out the form below or call the MLPD at 856-234-1414.

How to Unregister from the Program

To unregister your security camera system due to a change in status, please call the MLPD at 856-234-1414.

Disclaimer & Terms Of Use

The Mount Laurel Police Department seeks to deter crime in the community. To promote public safety, the MLPD may collect footage related to criminal activity to be used as evidence.

The footage gathered is reserved for official use by the Mount Laurel Police Department. In the event of an incident, the Mount Laurel Police Department will contact you to request the relevant security footage. Under no circumstances will registrants construe that they are acting as an employee of the Mount Laurel Police Department through this surveillance camera registration.

By submitting this form, you are aware of and consent to the release of video imagery to the public/media as necessary for the MLPD Investigation, or to requestors, as allowed under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act.

Camera Registration Form

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